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No Bad Hair Days by Ruth Klampert
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Ruth Klampert

No Bad Hair Days
                  And other good news
by Ruth Klampert

As a cancer survivor who has gone through the trials of chemotherapy and radiation I spoke to countless people when they called to order Slumbercaps.
I shared some of my tools for survival with them. By far the most popular was my list of what I called The Benefits of Temporary Hair Loss. I was asked over and over again to write down this list, and enclose it with their order of Slumbercaps. That gave birth to the idea of this little book.

The booklet is also a daily planner and contains some excellent life affirming quotations that are written on each calendar page. For example….”Cancer is a word…not a sentence”…. “Accept the diagnosis: Fight the prognosis”.

Most important: “Never give in. Never give in! Never give in!!!

The Benefits of Temporary Hair Loss!

• No bad hair days
• No split ends
• An opportunity to see the real color
• A chance to try a new color or style
• Have money on shampoo & conditioner
• Hair cuts, perms, razors, and more
• Takes less time to get ready
• No need to tweeze eyebrows
** Given free to Cancer Patients **

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