Slumber Cap, sleeping cap

Slumbercaps keep you comfortable!
Warm your head and be comfortable with a Slumbercap!

Comfortable Slumbercaps can keep you warm on cold winter nights, camping trips or hospital stays. Wear them under hats or also in place of wigs.

keep your head warmHair loss due to chemotherapy treatment, alopecia or genetic baldness can be cold and uncomfortable!

Slumbercap is attractive...

14 colors to choose from
Special quantity prices for health care professionals, hospitals, giftshops, boutiques, hair salons, wig shops etc. Please contact us for a detailed quote at 888-326-1818.


Slumberkaps make a wonderfully practical addition to any cancer basket. Our customers love them and there is a color for everyone!

Caroline Cheshire
President of
Natural looking products for people who suffer with hairloss, eyelash and eyebrow loss.


hair loss and chemotherapy

Ladies Caps:

$12.00 each*

Mens Caps:
$14.00 each*
spacer*plus shipping and handling

be comfortable!



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